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What Does Europa League Mean for English Teams?

Europa League

Teams from the Premier League are slowly but surely taking control of the Champions League and emerge as favorites to win the tournament. The dominance of Spanish football is going to end sooner than many predicted, as a result of large amounts being invested in British clubs. The Premier League as a whole is arguably the strongest domestic league in Europe and by extrapolation, in the world.

Under these circumstances, the obvious question on the lips of punters and those who watch international football is how do English teams view Europa League. With Manchester United winning the last final and Liverpool playing in the last act of the competition two years ago, the answer might seem self-evident. The truth is that teams from the Premier League have a very ambivalent attitude towards the second most important European competition.

The Group Stage Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to Europa League, English teams are like a diesel engine that starts slowly and requires more time to reach terminal velocity. During the group stage, Premier League managers pay less attention to how their teams perform. The emphasis is clearly on winning as many points in the domestic championship because this is where the big money comes from. The huge amounts invested in recent years and the equally impressive sums coming from TV rights are at the top of the priority list. Punters also enjoy the odds and betting opportunities presented by such competitions, the likes of can be seen here.

There are only a few teams that have enough depth to keep up with the high frequency of games in the domestic championship and cup as well as Europa League. Those that don’t qualify for the Champions League try to win as many points at home as possible and rely on reserves on the road. Simply because they have so many quality players and encounter weaker teams do they pick up points away from home.

The other English teams eligible for Europa League seem to go out of their way to suffer an untimely elimination. The back-to-back defeats suffered by West Ham at the hands of Astra were perhaps the best argument in favor of this controversial theory. This is obviously bad news for football lovers who were hoping to see some truly intense matches between English teams and international squads in the group stage.

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