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Atl. Madrid
Atl. Madrid

Who will win?

SATURDAY 24.11.2018 21:45



Who will win?

17/10 5/2 3/2
SATURDAY 24.11.2018 19:00

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AC Milan
AC Milan

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1/1 29/11 13/5
SUNDAY 25.11.2018 19:00

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Financial betting explained

Financial betting explained

Best Soccer Bets 

Full-time Results 

Of all the systems you can actually bet on a soccer match this really is the simplest ; simply prognosticate whether the match will end in a home win , an away win or maybe a draw and place your money down accordingly . In case your prediction is correct , you win at the odds the bookmaker has quoted . As long as the final result is different from your own prediction , you lose . 

Correct Score 

Yet another relatively simple type of bet , with this one you need to simply predict the score at the end of normal time period ( not after extra time , or penalties , or over two legs ) . Remember that possible scores are generally quoted as home team first , away team second , so make double-sure you get all of them the proper way down before you decide to place any money down . 

While Correct Score is an easy bet to make , given there are lots of probable outcomes of a single game , the odds of guessing accurately are likely to be quite minimal , turning this type of bet quite unpopular with serious tipsters . 


Accumulators give you the option to bet on the results of several matches at once . The more sports event you bet on , the better your odds become . Then again , these are way more risky than single Correct Score bets considering that every bet in your Accumulator will have to come good , otherwise you lose . Double and treble accumulators are among the most recommended , though bookmakers will be happy for you to bet on as many events as you desire . 


A twist on Correct Score , Halftime/Fulltime ( or simply HT/FT as you may find it marketed as ) permits you to prognosticate what the score of a sports event will be first after 45 minutes and then after 90 . With this particular kind of bet , you surely will be given 9 alternatives , representing the 9 different available results . For example , you can actually back a team to be level at half time and win over 90 mins or even to be ahead at the half time and end up as losers . 

First Goal Scorer 

Remember , this is as simple as it sounds like . Straightforwardly forecast who will score the first goal in a game and back this player . As compared to other , more risky bets , this is usually a pretty risk-free choice , especially when you have a good knowledge of form going into a match . But bear in mind , bookmakers sometimes change their rules , so while some may count an own goal as the first one of the match , others might overlook these and only count 'normal' goals . Furthermore , while some bookies will give you your money back if the player you back is not on the soccer field at the time of the first goal , some will not . 

First Goal Scorer may very well be combined with Correct Score or Full-time Result , with these combinations providing much better odds . 

First Corner 

This particular bet will let you prognosticate when the first corner of a soccer game will be , wither to the exact minute or within a specified period ( for instance , between 10 and 15 minutes ) . The odds available for this type of bet usually are quite eye-catching , despite the fact that it's difficult – or even impossible – to prognosticate this accurately , making First Corner more a fun flutter rather than a serious bet . 

Number of Corners 

As well as being able to predict when the first corner of a game will be , you may also be able to bet on how many corners there will be in one soccer match . Remember , you can get longer odds for betting on an exact number , but you will be able to spread your bets , for instance by placing money on there being between 5 and 10 corners in the standard 90 mins . 

In Play Markets 

A quite new and very popular phenomenon , In Play Markets permit you to place bets as matches progress , with odds constantly shifting . As an example , when a team goes behind early on , you may bet on them coming from behind to win , and even back a certain player to get the next goal . Some on-line bookmakers supply live streaming of sports events , providing punters the possiblity to place bets as the action unfolds , and , as long as you have funds in your account , you are free to change your mind as frequently as you desire .

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