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Thursday, September 26 2013, 05:39 AM
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    Ligue 1 Betting Predictions – 28 September 2013

    Match Preview: Lorient vs. Olympique Marseille

    Match Date: 28 September 2013 (local time)
    Venue: Stade Yves Allainmat Le Moustoir

    Soccer Betting Tip — Lorient hardly threatened Marseille in their upcoming match. The former displays a much better performance and hopes to add more wins despite the absence of injured key players such as Gignac and Morel.

    Failing to win its last 3 domestic league matches and matchday one of the Champions League, bigger problems confront Élie Baup as injuries start to plague the squad.

    First on the list is the striker Andre-Pierre Gignac who suffers from a foot injury. Gignac is expected to stay on the bench for 10 days. Likewise, a sprained knee, sidelines Jérémy Morel. Morel needs a 3-week rest in order to return to the pitch.

    After clinching 3 consecutive wins, Marseille slows down since they had their first defeat this season. To note, out of their last 6 matches, they won thrice, lost once and drew twice. They currently occupy the 4th spot of the French league table.

    Meanwhile for Lorient, Alain Traore is still, nursing a thigh injury. There are doubts if he can join the squad during the battle against Marseille.

    Lorient’s present form is below satisfactory. Out of its last 6 matches, they lost thrice, won twice and their most recent encounter against Bordeaux ended in a draw.

    Betting prediction: Marseille 2-0 Lorient
    Marseille remains a strong contender in Ligue 1. Indeed, the injuries might affect its performance. However, this will be more likely to be felt in the international scene.

    As for Lorient’s side, they have the home court advantage to snatch the needed victory. Unfortunately, their current form and their performance during their previous matches barely support the argument of Lorient winning the match.

    Match Preview: Olympique Lyonnais vs. Lille

    Match Date: 28 September 2013 (local time)
    Venue: Stade de Gerland

    Soccer Betting Tip – Rivals Lyon and Lille are off to settle their scores in one of Ligue 1’s most anticipated clashes. With both clubs refusing to throw the white towel, only a stalemate can decide their fate in the ranking.

    Olympique Lyonnais has already found the antidote to their 6-game winning demise. Firing 3 goals, the club thrashed the newly promoted Nantes, which have managed to score a single goal.

    Capitalizing on counter-attacks, Bafétimbi Gomis triggered the club’s scoring spree on the 26th. Clément Grenier and Jimmy Briand soon shared their contributions when they got the chance on the 55th and 72nd. The victory landed the club to the 7th spot with 3 wins, 2 losses and a draw.

    In the meantime, Lille closely follows Lyon in the ranking. Although it never had a 6-game drought, the club sports the same number of wins, losses and draws. The only thing that keeps Lyon ahead of Lille is their goal difference.

    Prediction: Lyon 1 – 1 Lille
    The match between Lyon and Lille is perhaps one of the most celebrated rivalries of Ligue 1. Due to this, it is only fitting to expect the encounter to end in a draw. Considering that both squads had an equal share of victories and defeats in their last 6 matches, there is a high possibility for the encounter to end in a dramatic draw.

    Match Preview: Saint Etienne vs. Bastia

    Match Date: 28 September 2013 (local time)
    Venue: Stade Geoffroy-Guichard

    Soccer Betting Tip — Saint Etienne remains positive in making its way up in the Ligue 1 table. Sporting a much better form, Saint Etienne is confident of beating Bastia in their upcoming encounter.

    Unable to sustain to convert and sustain momentum, Saint Etienne bowed down to Toulouse. Their early goal, courtesy of Romain Hamouma was their only goal whilst Martin Braithwaite and Issiaga Sylla fueled Toulouse’s come from behind win.

    The defeat was the 2nd for the Greens and they are looking forward to avenging themselves during the Bastia encounter. The club currently occupies the 3rd spot of Ligue 1 and there is no news when Florentin Pogba will make it on the pitch.

    Bastia, on the other hand just overcame Marseille’s aggressive assault. The club kept Marseille away from the scoring area and the match resulted to a stalemate.

    Prediction: Saint Etienne 2- 0 Bastia

    Prior to meeting Saint Etienne, Bastia will have to face Monaco. Given they are up against one of the strongest clubs in Ligue 1 today, Bastia might felt the need for rest and fresh legs when they face Saint Etienne. The fatigue factor can set in and grant the latter easy victory.

    Just Bastia, Saint Etienne also has a scheduled match before they go against each other. Pitted against Marseille, the Greens will be involved in a hard-fought match that will determine the club that shall move upward into the ranking.

    Nevertheless, compared to Bastia, Saint Etienne’s performance and form is much better and fully prepared to take a beating on the pitch.

    Match Preview: Sochaux vs. Valenciennes

    Match Date: 28 September 2013 (local time)
    Venue: Stade Auguste-Bonal

    Football Betting Tip – Two clubs battling for survival will try to change the course of their destiny. Will it be Valenciennes or will it be Sochaux?

    Valenciennes will need to overcome Ligue 1 giants, Paris Saint Germain first before they can take advantage of a winning opportunity against Sochaux. Just recently, Nice thrashed them with an astounding victory of 4 goals to nil. Nevertheless, they have a single triumph to brag of and that was the stunning 3-0 win over Toulouse.

    Like Valenciennes, Sochaux is also trapped in the relegation zone. However, long before they meet VA, they need to face Guingamp, where they have a chance to force a draw or better yet, bag their first victory this season. Should they outlast Guingamp, they shall pull Valenciennes into the bottom of the relegation zone and move up in the club ranking.

    Betting prediction: Valenciennes 2-0 Sochaux

    The upcoming match is of high importance to both clubs since it can save them from being eliminated in France’s top-flight league.

    In terms of form, Valenciennes, obviously, is in a better form than Sochaux. Its stunning win in matchday one guarantees their edge. To note, Valenciennes lost 5 out of its 6 last matches whereas Sochaux has never won a single match. Two (2) of them ended in a draw, while the remaining 4 ended in a disappointing defeat.

    Nevertheless, Sochaux can capitalize on the fact that they have the upper hand during their last 6 encounters where they won thrice. However, the bigger question is whether Valenciennes will allow it to happen.
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    Ligue 1 Betting tips: Ajaccio vs. Nantes
    Match Date: 19 October 2013 (local)
    Match Venue: Stade François Coty, Ajaccio

    Ajaccio’s ranking as per ninth week is the same as what they have achieved in the overall tally last season: at number 17. This means that new coach Fabrizio Ravanelli is not making a noticeable improvement from his predecessor. A greenhorn to senior-level coaching, Ravanelli possesses skills that may not be ripe yet to turn his club into a French superpower. L’ours have only won once this season, with the rest of the matches equally divided between draws and defeats. They had their most appalling downfall in their most recent tourney, where Lille pounded them with a clean sheet fenced by three excellent goals. Also confronted by a growing injury list, Ajaccio need to innovate their tactics in order to yield satisfactory results.

    A breakthrough club this season, Nantes have proven that they do not deserve to go back to the French second-tier league. With a successful 2-0 opening over Bastia, strengthened further by victories in their last three matches, Michel Der Zakarian’s lads have soared high enough to help them land in the table’s top five. Les Canaris ascent to the rankings was propelled by four clean sheets on top of five overwhelming triumphs. While they may succumbed to the clouts of PSG, Lorient, and Lyon, the side nevertheless took the liberties to take 16 points from all of their fixtures.

    Football betting tip: This tourney pin-points Nantes to be the eventual winners. The supposition is in fact highly plausible, especially when the sides’ individual forms are taken into account. A successful 0-2 finish by Les Canaris will crown this match.
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    Ligue 1 Betting tips: Saint-Étienne vs. Lorient
    Match Date: 20 October 2013 (local)
    Match Venue: Stade Geoffrey-Guichard, Saint-Étienne

    With Perrin, Erdinc, Baysse, and most notably, Pogba, out through injury, Saint-Étienne will have to capitalize on other potential star players to protect their comfortable, seventh-place standing. Garnering a total score of 13 points, winning in four fixtures, and scoring a dozen goals from nine matches, Les Verts have done more than enough to prove that they are one of France’s most invincible clubs. However, the side have been performing rather unwell in their last four combats. Toulouse, Marseille, Bastia, and Monaco have all stolen two goals each from Saint-Étienne which caused the Christophe Galtier-led squad to almost yield a negative-digit goal difference. They are losing their momentum and finding remedies to cover up their loopholes would prove crucial at this very stage.

    Plummeting in the dreaded bottom three twice in a row and having been unable to get past the 10th spot in nine matches running, Lorient are obviously having a difficult season. The side have dramatically declined in their performance from last term, when they never had to endure the pains of struggling outside the top 10 in their first nine matches. Thus far, Les Merlus have only accumulated seven points from all of their previous matches, worsened by a -8 goal difference which they acquired from conceding 12 goals to their opponents. Team boss Christian Gourcuff is desperate to find contingency plans that will pick his men out of relegation. If the trend continues, Lorient would find themselves in the French second-tier league for the first time since the 2005-06 season.

    Online betting tip: With a much stronger ensemble, greater skills to convert chances, and broader support resources, Saint-Étienne will win this round comfortably. Lorient will have to settle on their seventh non-consecutive defeat this season.
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    Ligue 1 Betting tips: Montpellier vs. Lille
    Match Date: 19 October 2013 (local)
    Match Venue: Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier

    After laboring on a seemingly tedious streak of deadlocks, Montpellier have finally broken the monotony by thrashing Lyon in a very riveting 5-1 victory in their most recent battle in the turf. This caused the side to climb up the table by three spots and occupy the league’s eighth highest placement. La Paillade are hoping to replicate the same win when they meet with Lille on the tournament’s tenth week. However, with key players like Victor Montano and Siaka Tiene sidelined, it would be a tough task for Jean Fernandez’s men to do such a feat. Hopefully, other potential players would step up their game and deliver breakthrough performances that would surprise even the most skeptical of the side’s decriers.


    As far as their last four matches are concerned, Lille have remained undefeated. The side have practically buried their poor innings in their match against Nice after sweeping high-voltage clean sheets in their subsequent tourneys. Sochaux, Evian TG, Lyon, and Ajaccio all went home with zero goals to ink their scoreboard; thanks largely to the indestructible defense provided by Soumaoro, Beria, Souare, and their other colleagues. Les Dogues are now ranked third in the league table, their best placement this season so far.

    Football betting tip: The sides’ penultimate meeting saw Lille slam their opponents in a 4-1 finish. Prior to that, Montpellier run across the pitch as the winning side. In their most recent match, however, the sides fought neck-and-neck that they ended their battle in a goal-less draw. In this upcoming fixture, a much well-equipped Lille will leave the grass-floored court victorious.
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    Sunday, December 01 2013, 08:44 AM - #permalink
    Bastia Vs Evian TG

    Backing the home win. Bastia look good and their home strength is exceptional with 5-1-0 on the island. Squillaci was missing in defence last week, but he should return for this game. Keseru and Ilan were placed on the bench last week and Bruno played as their lone striker supported by Khazri, Boudebouz and Krasic.
    Evian have to manage without their suspended offensive midfielder Ehret. Their injury list is impressive, as Barbosa, Berigaud, M Blanc and Bertoglio are out of action at the moment. Home winner again.
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    Wednesday, December 04 2013, 06:52 AM - #permalink
    Lyon Vs Toulouse

    Why not the away win in this Thursday fixture! Toulouse may not be the most trustworthy side, but their potential is great. Fielding their strongest side they made fun of Sochaux at the weekend winning the match 5-1. Ben Yedder scored three of their goals. O Trejo was their only player missing due to a suspension and from what I know, he should be back in contention again.
    Lyon have played twice a week for most of the autumn and I suggest, they are not as fresh as their opponents. Last week they defeated R Betis in Europe, but lost 0-4 against PSG a couple of days later.
    They hope to have B Gomis back for this match, but they will be without J Briand. Backing the outsider.
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    Saturday, March 15 2014, 07:07 AM - #permalink
    Ligue 1 Preview: Paris Saint-Germain v Saint-Etienne
    Saint-Etienne’s prospects of a long-awaited return to the UEFA Champions League face a stern test when they visit Paris Saint-Germain.

    Christophe Galtier’s men are fourth in Ligue 1 with 10 games to play, four points adrift of third-place Lille in the battle for the final qualification place in Europe’s premier club competition.

    Saint-Etienne reached the final of the European Cup in 1976, losing to Bayern Munich 1-0 at Hampden Park, and are one of only four French sides to have achieved the feat.

    However, the 10-time French champions have not featured in that tournament since 1981 due to a prolonged fall from grace, with the green shoots of recovery finally beginning to show through.

    Galtier’s men now have the chance to return to Europe’s top table, but their hopes could be significantly damaged by a PSG side who harbour genuine hopes of winning the Champions League this season.

    Laurent Blanc’s men are eight points clear at the top of Ligue 1 and progressed to the last eight of the Champions League with a 6-1 aggregate success over German side Bayer Leverkusen, winning the home leg 2-1 in midweek.

    PSG appear to have one hand on the Ligue 1 trophy following a dominant domestic campaign, but the capital club have struggled in recent times versus Saint-Etienne.

    Indeed, PSG are winless in the last three league meetings between the two sides, with the visitors earning a 2-1 triumph at the Parc des Princes last term.

    The defending champions were held to a 2-2 draw at the Stade Geoffroy Guichard in the reverse fixture last October, although they did beat Saint-Etienne 2-1 in extra time in the Coupe de la Ligue in December.

    Defeat for PSG could see title rivals Monaco pull within five points at the top of the table, and Blanc is all too aware of the threat posed by their opponents.

    “Saint-Etienne is a very good team,” Blanc said. “They have not only troubled Paris this season, but a lot of teams. This explains their season and their place in the standings.

    “I know the coach, he will come with his principles. This is very good. It is positive for players, coaches and the spectators. This is an eagerly awaited match.”

    PSG will again be without right-back Gregory van der Wiel due to a knee injury that kept him out of the victory over Leverkusen.

    However, midfielder Marco Verratti could return following a knock, while Blaise Matuidi is likely to be included against his former club after being left out of the Champions League encounter to avoid a suspension for the quarter-finals.

    Meanwhile, Saint-Etienne have a number of injury concerns, with top scorer Romain Hamouma (ligament damage) a doubt for the match.

    Defender Florentin Pogba is out with a hamstring problem, full-back Francois Clerc has a knee complaint, and midfielder Fabien Lemoine is doubtful due to lack of fitness.
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