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Bet on Soccer - Bet on Soccer in American Odds/ European Odds

Bet on Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world today. In fact, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League final alone draws around 109 million television viewers.

Almost every country in Europe has a soccer league. The most popular of these leagues are:

Around 20 teams compete in each league, playing about 38 games a season. With so many matches, teams and players to bet on, this is like a year-round buffet for soccer betting fans!

Plus there are lots of European Soccer competitions, including:

Bet on Soccer in Fractional Odds

Soccer bets are usually expressed in fractional odds. They usually look like:

Home Draw Away
FC Barcelona v Manchester United 1/4 1/2 4/1

Fractional odds or traditional odds quote the net total of your payout relative to your stake should you win the bet.

So if you are betting on FC Barcelona at odds of 1/4 (referred to as one-to-four or four-to-one on), you are risking €10.00 to win €2.50 (1/4 (fractional odds) X 10 (bet amount) = 2.50 (winnings)). If FC Barcelona wins, you get your €10.00 bet plus your €2.50 winnings for a total payout of €12.50.

Meanwhile, if you are betting on Manchester United at odds of 4/1 (known as four-to-one or four-to-one against), you are risking €40.00 to win €10.00. If Manchester United wins, you get your €40.00 bet plus your €10.00 winnings for a total payout of €50.00.

What makes soccer different and more exciting from betting on other sports is the option to bet on the draw or tie. In the example above, if you are betting on the Draw at 1/2, you are risking €10.00 to win €5.00. If the match ends in a Draw, 0-0 or 1-1 for example, you get your €10.00 bet plus your €5.00 winnings for a total payout of €15.00.

Another popular bet on soccer is the bet on total goals scored for a particular match. This usually looks like:

Under 2.5 5/4
Over 2.5 8/13

If you are betting on Under 2.5 at 5/4, you are risking €10.00 to win €12.50. If the total score at the end of the match is two or fewer, you win the bet. You get your €10.00 bet plus €12.50 winnings for a total payout of €22.50.

Meanwhile, if you are betting on Over 2.5 at 8/13, you are risking €10.00 to win €6.15. If the total score at the end of the match is three or more, you win the bet. You get your original €10.00 bet plus your €6.15 winnings for a total payout of €16.15.

Bet on Soccer in Decimal Odds

Others may show soccer bets in decimal odds. Decimal odds quote the total payout relative to your stake should you win the bet. Don't worry, this is just another representation of the fractional odds discussed above. So don't be surprised if you see:

Home Draw Away
FC Barcelona v Manchester United 1.25 1.5 5

If you are betting €10.00 on Barcelona at 1.25, you are risking €10.00 to win €12.50 (1.25 (decimal odds) X 10 (bet amount) = 12.50) as your total payout.

Meanwhile, if you are betting €10.00 on Manchester United at 5, you are risking €10.00 to win €50.00 as your total payout.

If you are betting €10.00 on the Draw at 1.5, you are risking €10.00 to win a total payout of €15.00.

Bets on total goals scored can also be expressed in decimal odds. These may look like:

Under 2.5 2.25
Over 2.5 1.61

If you are betting on Under 2.5 at 2.25, you are risking €10.00 to win €22.50 as your total payout.

Meanwhile, if you are betting on Over 2.5 at 1.61, you are risking €10.00 to win €16.15 as your total payout

Bet on Soccer in American Odds

Other sites show Soccer bets in American odds. These odds are called Money Line and may look like:

FC Barcelona -190
Draw +200
Manchester United +300

If you're betting on FC Barcelona, you are risking €19.00 to win €10.00. If FC Barcelona wins the match, you get your €19.00 bet plus your €10.00 winnings for a total payout of €29.00

On the other hand, if you're betting on Manchester United, you stand to earn €30.00 for every €10.00 beted. If Manchester United wins the match you get your €10.00 bet plus your €30.00 winnings for a total payout of €40.00.

If you're betting on the draw, you stand to earn €20.00 for every €10.00 beted. So if the match ends on a draw, you get your €10.00 plus your €20.00 winnings for a total payout of €30.00.

Here's another example of Money Line soccer odds:

Real Madrid +130
Draw +220
Valencia +180

In the above example, both Real Madrid and Valencia are underdogs. This will never happen in baseball or basketball, because only soccer matches can end in a tie.

Another example of soccer odds may look like:

Spread Line Total
Chelsea -1 -135 -250 O: 2½ (-120)
Bayer Leverkusen +1 +115 +750 U: 2½ (+110)

If you're betting on Chelsea's Spread or Point Spread, you are risking €13.50 to win €10.00. If Chelsea wins the match by two goals, you get your €13.50 bet plus your €10.00 winnings for a total payout of €23.50.

On the other hand, if you're betting Bayer Leverkusen's Spread, you stand to earn €15.00 for every €10.00 beted. If Bayer Leverkusen wins the match you get your €10.00 bet plus your €15.00 winnings for a total payout of €25.00.

Meanwhile, if you are betting on Chelsea's Money Line, you are risking €25.00 to win €10.00. If Chelsea wins the match, regardless of the number of goals scored, you get your €25.00 bet plus your €10.00 winnings for a total payout of €35.00.

If you are betting on Bayer Leverkusen's Line, you are risking €10.00 to win €75.00. If Bayer Leverkusen wins the match, you get your €15.00 bet plus your €75.00 winnings for a total payout of €85.00.

Bet on European sports now.

Meanwhile, betting on the Total has two options - Over or Under. If you are betting on Over 2½ goals, you are risking €12.00 to win €10.00. If the match ends with the Total goal scored at three or more, you get your €12.00 bet plus your €10.00 winnings for a total payout of €22.00.

If you are betting Under 2½ goals, you are risking €10.00 to win €11.00. If the match ends with the total score at two or fewer, you get your €10.00 bet plus your €11.00 winnings for a payout of €21.00.

Other Bets on Soccer

Aside from the usual Fraction, Decimal, Money Line, Point Spread and Totals Bets, soccer offers a lot of Proposition Bets as well. Bets like which team will score first or which team will be ahead by half-time. Soccer Proposition Bets may also include the total number of goals a player may score or the number of yellow cards given in a match. There's even a bet on the number of corners a team will take.

Just like the other bets above, Proposition bets can be expressed in either Fractional, Decimal or American odds.

Truly, betting on soccer is extremely exciting. There are lots of teams to follow, matches to choose from and odds to bet on. But just like in any sport, you need to do your homework to be successful at betting on soccer.

Creative Ways To Make Money When Betting On Football Matches

gambling websites.jpg

If you are thinking about using Gambling Websites to place wagers on football matches there are a number of creative ways to make money. In this article, I will help you improve your odds against the bookmakers so that you can be successful and profit big when betting.

Finding The Best Value Football Bets

One of the most important aspects of making money when betting on football matches is by finding the best value bets to place. Top professional gamblers are experts at spotting value in the bets that they place. To do this you need to be able to spot the odds that offer the best returns with the lowest risk.

It is a similar concept to buying and selling on the stock market. You need to find the bets that are undervalued and will give you the biggest returns. This means you need to search the market to find games that offer the best value and capitalize on it.

To be able to spot value is difficult and you are not going to get it right each and every time. The most important factor is that you have an advantage over the gambling website as you can pick the games that you bet on. By avoiding those with odds that are unfavorable you will increase your long-term profits. It takes practice and you will need to spend the time analyzing each bet your place but once you get good you will win on a more consistent basis.

Bankroll Money Management

It is easy to get carried away when you think that a bet is a sure-fire winner only and want to put all of your money on it to win a huge amount of cash. This is the worst decision that you can make and managing your bankroll correctly is as important as the spotting value in the football betting market.

If you can find value on a regular basis, your bankroll will quickly grow. It is important that you set a minimum and greatest bet limit as if you try to grow your bankroll too quickly by stacking large amounts per bet, you risk losing it all and great financial difficulty. One of the best things to do when first starting out is to set a limit of between 1-5% of the money in your bankroll per bet.

Follow The Best Football Betting Tips Experts

It is hard to spot value bets in football if you are not a former professional player or specialist analyzer of football match data. The good thing is there are lots of football betting tips experts on social media sites and website blogs that can help you find the best value bets. You will need to start by following a large number and then checking which ones have the best results on a regular basis.

Shop Around

You should never stick to the same bookmaker when placing bets on football matches. As well as finding the best value odds on offer, you also need to compare promotions available on You will need to calculate which odds along with promos give you the highest payout on the games that you are betting on.

How To Be Successful When Using Gambling Websites

bet365 promo code.jpg

If you carry out a search online for guides on how to be a successful gambler, you will find millions of results from blogs, forums, and social media results. It makes it very difficult you to know the best system to use so that you can profit from gambling websites. In this article I will guide you through the simplest ways to profit and what you need to avoid.

Find Promotions & Offers From Top Rated Gambling Sites

It is possible to hedge against any losses by using special promotional offers from the leading online bookmakers. There are many forms of rewards that you can use to treble your profits if your wager comes in. These can be in the form of welcome bonuses, matched deposits up to 300% or more, Reload Bonuses and more. 

Always Check The Terms & Conditions Of The Promos & Offers

Before you use a promotion with a gambling site, you must first read the T&Cs. Many offers have restrictions on them such as the user having to wager a certain amount before withdrawal is allowed. Just because a promo reward offers the highest payout amounts does not necessary mean it is the best one to use. If you cannot take out your profits and are required to gamble for a long length before you are allowed to take out your winnings, it is not as good a deal as one with fewer requirements but a smaller payout level.

Use Odds Comparison Gambling Websites

The fastest way to find which online bookie is paying the best odds for the bet you wish to place is by using gambling comparison websites. They will display what each bookmaker is offering so you can quickly locate the best one for the type of bet your wish to place. Do not forget to make sure that you use a promo code when placing the bet so you get free money of up to 300% or greater on matched deposits and welcome bonuses.

Managing Your Money & Patience

You should never rush into anything in life, it is important to take your time and become an expert first without taking huge risks. Many punters make the mistake of betting big on what they think is going to be a certain result. That is not sensible and ideally, you should not bet more than 5% of your total bankroll on a single wager. Look for games that you feel have value and avoid ones that are heavily stacked in the bookie's favor. If you end up finding yourself on a bad run, you should never chase trying to win it back. Stay the course with your betting strategy and stay claim along with patients. You cannot win all the time when using gambling websites so you need to be ready to lose some of the time.

Why You Should Use Promo Codes When Betting On Football Matches


Betting on the outcome of football matches is a notoriously hard thing to be successful at. Games which on paper seem to be a sure thing end up with an unexpected result and if you have bet large, you can lose a fortune. The best way to put the odds in your favor is by using promo codes on offer by top bookmakers to get free money to bet with. The footy betting market generates billions worldwide and to get your trade bookies are willing to take a gamble of a loss by offering huge incentives to use their website. By using these promotions you can beat the system and win big without taking huge risks with your own personal capital.

Different Types Of Promo Codes

Before you decide to use a promo code to bet on football matches you must first understand the different types on offer along with what the term and conditions are of the deal. Many unscrupulous betting sites try to entice new customers with huge rewards but in the small print it makes it extremely hard to get your hands on any winnings. You need to find out if there is a wager amount that you have to meet and what the amount is before signing up for one. It is best to stick to using world-renowned brands and not ones you have not heard of before as they have a reputation that is extremely valuable and would not risk by ripping off its loyal base of customers.

Welcome Football Promo Betting Codes

This type of promo code is for first time users and the bookmakers will reward the customer with free cash for signing up with them along with in most cases depositing a small amount of money. This promotion is one of the highest paying as the bookies are desperate to get your details so that they can market their product to you on a regular basis. It is worthwhile signing up with as many of the top-rated football betting websites as possible using a welcome reward. Do not be loyal to a single company and always take advantage when possible by shopping around.

Matched Deposit Football Promo Betting Codes

One of the most commonly used betting codes for football games is the matched deposit promo. It works by offering both new and existing customers free cash on top of the amount of money deposited. These can pay up to 300% or greater in some cases and you will hugely increase your winnings and decrease your risks by using one. It would be crazy not taking bookies up on these as you are getting free money which you can use to leverage your profits and limit your risk-taking.

Best Places To Find Promo Codes For Football Betting

There are thousands of sites available online where you can compare odds, promotions or both together. I personally use the best promo codes as they have all the leading bookmakers along with other reputable brands to be chosen from.

Why Betting Online is Riskier - And More Rewarding

Betting has been around as long as we have been playing to win. It’s a pastime that increases the competitive spirit of all sports, allowing viewers on the sidelines to have a vested interest in the game at hand. With the relatively recent arrival of the internet has come the concept of online betting.

Online betting allows you to place bets from the comfort of your couch (or wherever), and it’s quickly becoming more popular than putting on a coat and heading to the booker’s office. That’s partly because this practice often comes with more potential for rewards than traditional betting at an agency.

Why get out of bed? Now you can place bets securely right on your laptop or phone wherever.

Source: Pexels

Playing it Safe at the Booker’s

By physically removing yourself from your house, heading out to the booker’s office and handing him or her your cold, hard cash, the decision is made. It’s out of your hands—there’s nothing more for you to do but wait.

Many consider this to be the safer option because it prevents people from following the “call of the credit card,” a sort of siren’s song, which lures betters to spend exorbitant amounts of intangible money. But what if you could increase the odds by betting online? Although it is riskier, you can seriously up your potential.

Better Odds Online

Much like online poker, online betting has almost—but not quite—become the norm within the practice. There are numerous reasons for this shift. For many betters and poker players, heading to the agency or casino simply isn’t in the cards for that day. You have things to do, but you know there’s a football match you want to bet on—you can easily log in, place your bet and go about your business.

The same thing with a game of Texas Hold’Em. Log in as you cook dinner, play your hand and end the meal with a few extra bucks in your pocket.

Convenience and comfort certainly play their part, but betting online is also potentially much more profitable than placing a bet at your local agency.

Although the total amount of money that people are paid out every year in profits from their online bets is impossible to calculate, it’s safe to assume the figure is in the millions. After all, online wagering (whether in sports or poker) generates over 45 billion USD each year—and that’s a conservative estimate.

As with playing poker online, betting online increases your chances for a win because you can shop around. There are hundreds of sites that allow you to place bets on every sport, game and race under the sun. When you look online you can research hundreds of different odds, select the ones you like and place your bet there. At the betting office, you’ll only have a few options.

Other Rewards to Take Advantage of

Another major advantage of online booking agencies and poker tables is the bonuses they offer. Many times, sites run promotions with some enticing offers. For example, when first signing up, many betting sites will offer a sign-on bonus wherein they match or even exceed your first deposit into their system.

However, make sure to read the fine print when deciding on which website to use. While some deals may seem better than they really are, you can also find some sweet bonuses online.

Another great thing about online sports betting and poker is the community aspect of the activity. You may think that placing bets on your couch is isolating, but there are tons of online communities made just for online bettors. They allow people with similar interests to connect with each other and discuss different sports, odds and possible outcomes of events.

The consensus? Online betting is the way of the future—it’s connective, convenient and fun. If you play it safely, there’s a whole lot to win.

Football Betting Tips - How To Make Soccer Bets

If a bettor has been a football or soccer game enthusiast for the longest period then it's about time that he considers earning some cash through soccer betting and we can help him with some betting tips here. The punter ought to not put to waste each and every hour that he spends watching each and every of those football matches.The bettor could put that to great use and earn some money by placing football bets.

football betting tips
Winning all one's bets is not simple to do and there's no guarantee of that but if one is well-informed and wise regarding the match then placing football bets with high odds of winning should to be quite easy. Here are a few football betting tips that the bettor should consider.
To start making football bets, the punter needs to put together some cash. The amount of money that the punter wants to utilize for his football bets depend upon oneself. Then again, it is always a wise decision to only use one's extra cash.
One of the effective football betting tips is to never bet more that one ought to be spending for his daily living costs with the desire of doubling-up the amount. The bettor would be more able of making sensible decisions on his football bets if he is relaxed & free from whichever pressure to win for the reason that all of his cash is at stake on such a bet. Bookmakers typically accept bets as low as 1 Euro. As a novice bettor, one ought to only bet the amount of money that one is comfortable with.
After settling on how much cash the punter could spend on his football bets, one could start looking for a site where he could place his bets. The bettor could either place his bet with a brick and mortar bookmaker/bookie or he could do this on an internet betting site. There are a lot of internet sites that take bets for all of the football competitions. If the bookmaker is online then the punter could simply create an online account and utilize that online bookie to place his football bets. All the bettor needs to accomplish is put the amount of one's soccer bet and then click a button to place his bet. It is really easy and simple since the bettor does not have to leave his house or make a phone call to place his bet.
The bettor could place his bet anytime, whether it be night or day, as long as one has an internet access and a computer that he could use to log-in to his account. When making football bets, the punter could never be too sure what he would win on each single bet that he makes.
This is the main reason why it's always smart to place a limit for oneself and to really stick to that limit. No matter how enticing it is, the bettor ought to stick to the money amount that one has set for himself. A real punter ought to never bet an amount of money that he knows is well beyond his means.

You're next step? Start utilizing these football betting tips and begin earning while enjoying your favorite sport.

Best of luck with your betting activities!