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Golf Betting Guide - Golf Betting Games

Golf is a game that has international appeal. Generally considered to be an elite game, golf has a very big  following among professionals and amateursGolf.
Golf is played on specially designed courses, according to certain rules and regulations. For professional golf, these rules are governed jointly by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA). There are international championships held across the world for golf: the Masters, the Open Championship, the US Open and the PGA Championship.

The main objective in golf is to hit a ball with a club until it reaches the cup, and use the minimum number of strokes.

Like other professional sports, a lot of betting goes on in golf. Wagering about the outcome of a golf game is the main objective of golf betting. "Matchup betting" and "betting to win" are the two kinds of wagering for non-sports like golf, boxing and tennis. In betting to win, futures are set by odds makers before the start of the game. Futures are bets that are placed much in advance of the game, sometimes months in advance. Betting to win is most common for professional championships like the Masters. In matchup betting, the wager is placed on the event's winner. It is one individual against another or one individual against a group, which is known as group matchup betting. One advantage of futures odds is that they are not set but can be adjusted by sports books. The odds depend on the number of players as well as the kind of players, and the likelihood of top players to win.

Some of the top golf betting games are: Nassau, Round Robin, Sandies, Bingo Bango Bongo, Barkies, Wolf, Arnies, Aces and Deuces, Gruesome and Criers and Whiners.

Horse Race Betting Guide - Best Lay Bet

Having discovered the fortunes of laying some 4 years ago, I wanted to pass some of my best lay tips on to you

The Power of the Sprint lay.

At the start of a 5 & 6 Furlong dash, and in 7 furlong races, the dash to the line starts where every race starts - the stalls. As these sprinters fly out of the traps, the bee-line for the best position is sought.

Horse RacingOften it can be a hostile barging match with the favorite sometimes getting the worst of it.

As these powerful sprinters go hurtling down the track, you can often see betting shop punters tearing their tickets up as early as the 4 or 5 furlong pole as their runner is hopelessly outpaced or totally unbalanced in the early stages..

To say these races were somewhat hectic would be a somewhat understatement, of course, these races offer many opportunities to the shrewd layer.

Looking at a horses previous form, in a similar race can throw up many clues as to how it may perform in today's race


1) Does it often leave the stalls late or is it fast away?


2) Has it raced on this track before?


3) Has it raced on this surface before


4) Has it raced left handed/right handed before?


5) Does it have a favorable draw?


6) Is it younger or older than other fancied horses?


7) How much weight is it carrying more or less than other fancied horses


8) Is it Male or Female?


9) Is it a winner over the distance?

You get the idea, obviously we are looking for a horse where on previous occasions it may not have had a straightforward run, i.e is it a bit slower than others out of the stalls, what does it do at the finish, does it run on or does it seem to not have much of a cruising speed, does it try at the finish to get it's head in front or does it hold it's head carriage up and flash it's tail, (check the video form) does the form indicate it may be a not straightforward ride.

My perfect lay bet in a sprint would be a combination (not necessarily all of these factors) of the above - perhaps with a horse or filly that hasn't run in 2 or 3 weeks, carrying a fair bit of weight considering it may not have achieved much in the past, badly drawn and not the quickest beast out of the traps - not a course & distance winner.

MMA Betting Guide - Bankroll Management

One of the most important skills for any gambler is managing your bankroll. It makes no difference on what you are gambling on, be it black jack, the horses or Mixed Martial Arts.
The term bankroll refers to the amount of money a gambler has to wager. Just like you manage your bank account to avoid financial ruin, you have to manage your bankroll to avoid "gamblers ruin."Mma Betting Guide

Gamblers ruin means that a gambler has spent income and often borrowed money and they can not afford to gamble anymore. Now you may be wondering how anyone can fall into gamblers ruin? People should know when to call it quits, right? Well have you ever been on a winning streak? The feeling of bliss when you think you can't loose. You even win when you bet on the underdog. You even bet on an outside chance just to push your luck. Or maybe the opposite occurs and you are on a losing streak. You think that you can recover your loses no matter what the odds are and ending digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole.

The concept of a winning streak or losing streak is called standard deviation. It is the understanding that every individual occurrence can have an unexpected outcome. No matter what the probability was. So when some people go from a "winning streak" to a "losing streak" they don't want to stop. The concept of standard deviation happens to everyone. It's just some people are better prepared for it and can identify it.

If you are a long term gambler, you know that you are not going to win every time. You have to be prepared for the unexpected loss or upset. It has happened numerous times in sports history and you have to be prepared otherwise you can fall into gamblers ruin.

To prepare yourself to avoid ruin there are a few precautions you can take. The first and probably most important thing to remember is to place bets according to your bankroll. By betting on fights according to your bankroll instead of the probable outcome of the fight, you are preparing for the unexpected. Remember it is about the big picture not the short term. You have to take into account standard deviation. No matter what everyone expects the outcome to be, the opposite can happen. If you have your entire bankroll or even 50% of it tied up into one fight you have once again forgotten everything that you have learned thus far. In a Mixed Martial Arts fight there are only 2 possible results, and upsets occur frequently.

Remember that managing your bankroll is just like managing your bank account. Budget for the fights and only bet according to your bankroll not according to the probability of the outcome. There is always that chance that you may have big wins once or twice. However it is more likely that you will lose your entire bankroll in a short period. You may experience a few set backs on the way, but with a little planning and effort, you can have fun and even win a few dollars betting on MMA.

Casino Betting Guide - Casinos, Poker Rooms and Sports Betting Online

There are thousands of gambling sites online today from poker rooms, casinos, bingo and sports betting that it makes the choice rather difficult, especially if you are concerned with your money. There are many very reputable gambling sites online today but there are some questionable establishments as well. I have played poker, played the slots and made plenty of sports bets online winning some and losing some.
When I won and cashed out, most of the sites paid out very quickly but there were a few that I waited months for and had to hound them before I was paid.

Several gambling facilities worth mentioning here are Bet365 and 188Bet; both are very reputable and have been around for years. Over the years I came to realize that the most reputable casinos were under the umbrella of large affiliate company's who ensure the gambling sites follow all rules and regulations placed on the Casino betting guidecasinos, poker rooms and betting establishments.
There are also a few very large gambling sites that market there own casinos, sports betting and poker rooms. Most of these reputable sites will also offer you cash incentives after your first deposit which will allow you to play these casino games on their money which is great, particularly if you are winning. A relatively new area for the gambling world today is mobile.

Mobile casinos are an up and coming thing and it is said this will become a multi million dollar business.
Apps are available for android, smartphone and iPhones but there are only a few gambling sites which offer mobile ready sites although that number will increase rapidly this year. So far the sites that have gone mobile are all reputable casinos but with the up and coming growth it is only a matter of time before the shady characters show up on the market.

Gambling online at the casinos, sports betting and poker rooms can be an exciting experience and you can meet some interesting people at the tournaments. One thing you must keep in mind is you need to have a limit and play within it, which can be pretty easy if you use your bonuses wisely. Should you be interested in the online casinos,poker and betting rooms then I have just the place for you.
You will be able to check out the most reputable gambling sites online today, casinos, poker rooms, betting houses and bingo halls,plus a number of articles as well as several games and videos. Also, check out the promotions page for up to date deals offered by the online gambling sites. When you stop by make sure you check out some of the neat products and services that are available as well.

Motor Sports Betting : An Important Guide To Follow

Formula One, abbreviated to F1, and also known as Grand Prix racing, is the highest class of auto racing defined by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), motor sport's world governing body.

The "formula" in the name is a set of rules which all participants and cars must meet.

The F1 world championship season consists of a series of races, known as Grands Prix, held usually on purpose-built circuits, and in a few cases on closed city streets. The results of each race are combined to determine two annual World Championships, one for drivers and one for constructors.

Formula 1 races are massive television events, with millions of people watching each race in 200 countries.

Formula 1 races are massive television events, with millions of people watching each race in 200 countries.

The cars race at high speeds, often greater than 320 km/h (200 mph) and are capable of pulling up to 6 g in some corners.

The performance of the cars is highly dependent on electronics, aerodynamics, suspension and tires. The formula has seen many evolutions and changes through the history of the sport.

Europe is Formula 1's traditional center and remains its leading market. However, Grands Prix are held all over the world and, with new races in Bahrain, China, Malaysia, Turkey and the United States since 1999, its scope continues to expand with India being a possible venue in 2009.

Of the 17 races in 2007, 9 are outside Europe. As the world's most expensive sport, its economic effect is significant, and its financial and political battles are widely observed.

Its high profile and popularity makes it an obvious merchandising environment, which leads to very high investments from sponsors, translating into extremely high budgets for the constructor teams.

In recent years several teams have gone bankrupt or been bought out by other companies.

Formula 1 racing is regulated by the FIA. Formula One's commercial rights are vested in the Formula One Group.

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Sports Car Racing

In sports car racing, production versions of sports cars and purpose-built prototype cars compete with each other on closed circuits.

The races are often conducted over long distances, at least 1000 km, and cars are driven by teams of two or three drivers (and sometimes more in the US), switching every now and then.

Due to the performance difference between production based sports cars and sports racing prototypes, one race usually involves many racing classes.

In the US the American Le Mans Series was organized in 1999, featuring GT, GTS, and two prototype classes, LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype 1) and LMP2. Manufacturers such as Audi and Acura/Honda field or support entries in the Prototype class.

Another series based on Le Mans began in 2004, the Le Mans Endurance Series, which included four 1000 km races at tracks in Europe.

A competing body, Grand-Am, which began in 2000, sanctions its own endurance series the Rolex Sports Car Series.

Famous sports car races include the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring.

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NASCAR : An Important Guide To Follow

NASCAR prides itself in providing its audience the important things they need to know regarding its races on time and up to date. And so, the association makes sure that the NASCAR Schedule is given out to let everyone know about the upcoming events that are to transpire. But what would you really get as benefits from this information? Below are some points that explain why you should follow the schedules that are brought to you by NASCAR.NAscar betting guide

As an enthusiast, the NASCAR Schedule serves as your guide in making plans for your days and keeping track of the games of your favorite players and cars. You would know where and when the next game would be, giving you the opportunity to watch out for the events to happen.

On the other hand, if you are a bettor in any of the games of this racing event, the schedule somewhat becomes your "instruction manual", as it gives you an overview of the races to come. It will show you the players who will be participating, and so you could plan ahead of time on what kind of move you are to take in placing your wagers.

If you are fully aware of the schedule, you would know where you would place your money in order to secure your bets. This way, the chances of losing in your wagers is lessened, and so you become more assured that you would get your money back and earn more dollars at the same time. Since the schedule of games is announced prior to the conduct of the event, you will get to see and weigh your chances even before the games start. And so, it makes your betting activities less troublesome.

In some instances, the schedule also shows how likely one player would win in the race, or how positive it is that one particular player would win over another who is participating in the events. You could make use of this by determining the odds of winning of such players and placing your bets accordingly: making your wagers a sure shot.

Using the NASCAR Schedule as your guide to make more money out of your betting activities surely is a wise way to have what you have always wanted. And so, following it and every single detail that it provides will no doubt bring you more luck and chances of winning as you place your wagers.

Poker for Beginners: The Complete Poker for Beginners Guide

Poker for beginners guide: Variations of poker

Before we look at the rules of poker we will look at the different variations of poker. Poker is a family of many games the most common and the one we will mostly refer to in this poker guide is Texas Holdem. There are other variations such as Omaha hi omaha low, 5 card draw,stud, razz and many more. However the most popular one is holdem and then probably draw.

Google Poker

Poker for beginners guide: rules of poker

As with virtually all poker games the object of the game is to make the most money. This can be done by showing down the best hand or making your oponnent fold normally by bluffing. Most hands in poker are generally made up with 5 cards.

Poker for beginners guide: first things first

Firstly in Texas holdem a dealer is nominated, the person sitting to his left is the small blind, then the person to his left is the big blind. The blinds are there just to make everyone p
lay its like an entry fee to each round and it is passed around the table each new round. The big blind is the minimum bet and the small blind is half that i.e. 10$ and 5$.

Poker for beginners guide: preflop

Everyone is dealt two cards face down and a round of betting will begin starting with the person left of the big blind. He can either raise the big blind, call the big blind or fold.

Poker for beginners guide: the flop

After everyone makes their turn the dealer will then deal the flop which contains 3 cards. You can now use these 3 cards with your 2 cards to make a hand.A round of betting will begin again starting with the person left of the dealer who can either check, which passes his turn to the next person or bet.

Football is an amazing game

Football is a amazing game, uniting billions of people. There's no other sport which could compete with football in terms of popularity.
I think every kid has at least once in his life played football with his friends on street till late night. For some people football stays in their memory because of childhood days, for some it's just a passion and a chance to feel amazing emotions. For some, football is a lifetime chance to change their lives. Run away from poverty and bring some hope for their families.


If we talk about football clubs and players, then I can't really understand this lack of respect nowadays. It's normal to insult even the most famous players and clubs, calling them "useless" or simply "a piece of shit". Looks like some kind of nonsense, doesn't? I fully understand that role of football has slightly changed in last 20 years and there exists a category of "overpaid" or 'overrate" footballers. There are such but is that their fault? Not everyone is capable to handle the weight of wealth and worldwide fame. That's all because we all are a human beings. You may insult someone, but is that the best thing to do? 99.9% of such insults comes from people who simply feel jealous. That's wrong.

Same goes about football clubs. Now it's normal to call Manchester City, Pans Saint-Germain of Monaco a money bags" without history and any achievements. I find this also wrong. Can you name any financially weak and poor football club, which have won any of top leagues or UEFA Champions League? There's no such clubs. Football always had and will have rich and poor clubs. Without serious financial investments, it's impossible to achieve any serious results. Impossible. That's why I feel calm about clubs, ike PSG or Monaco. Yes, they invest a lot of money in short period but what else can they do? Real Madrid doesn't invest? Manchester United doesn't invest? Any other top club doesn't invest? They all invest. Only difference s that Real Madrid and Manchester United invests that money for years but clubs, like PSG do that just in last few seasons. It's so simple and it's so s ly that people doesn't want to see that.

It would be nice to see more respect in football. Between fans, between footballers and clubs, "here are thousands of wonderful stories related to footbalI. Just take a look at some of the football legends, their way to the giory. You can find some real inspiration there. You can find faith in something good.

2013/14 season has already started. New season, new expectations. Probably, also new scandalous moments will appear. But I hope that there wili be more positive moments, than negative. I could write a lot about my attitude to football and everything related to this game, but my message is simply. New season has started, just share more respect and love to each other. Remember that famous quote - 'Let's make love, not war"? So true. Even if we talk about football .Respect.

Yankee Gold - Betting system - Win money from horse racing

The Yankee Gold is a very simple plan but it can win a lot of money from horse racing. A notebook and your normal daily paper are required. Make a note of the trainer that wins each race (when using the system for the first time it is best to start on Monday). When you find a trainer that has two winners in one day or two winners in two days (days must be consecutive i.e. Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday etc) that is the system trainer and you back his next three runners only. Providing they comply with the following conditions.

1. Must have won a race in the current season.Horse Racing1

2. If in a handicap there must not be more than 12 runners.

3. If in a non-handicap there must not be more than 15 runnners.

4. Do not bet in Selling races.

5. Do not bet in any race with less than 4 runners and don't bet if the system selection is quoted at odds-on in your paper. In handicaps don't bet on horses carrying a penalty larger than 3lbs.

NOTE: System Banker Bets are horses that comply with the above rules and that were either 1st or 2nd last time out and are quoted favourite in your paper's betting forecast.

STAKE: Level stakes, or back the three horses using 1,2,3 points stop-at-a-winner. Back each horse to win you a fixed sum plus previous losing stake.

ALL WEATHER BANKER - Horse racing betting system

Rules of system -

1 - For All Weather racing only.

2 - Handicaps only.

3 - Horse must be in first three of betting forecast (preferably using the Racing Post).

4 - Horse must have been placed on at least one of its last two runs.

5 - Horse must be amongst top three weights.

6 - Must be a course and distance winner.